wedding photographer

Amongst some of the most treasured memories you can have in life, is that of a wedding. The loving union of a husband and wife, or even in today’s era, the union of two partners coming together in a pledge of loyalty. Unsurprisingly, wedding photography and video is of paramount importance and priority to not only participants but especially the bride and groom. As such, we have put together a few suggestions for any professionals you may hire or aspiring hobbyists seeking to improve the quality of their camera work.



Many of the best portraits are natural. They are aesthetic and true to the nature of the environment at the time. You need to ensure you are always alert and ready to capture these tender moments. As such, it is crucial to communicate with the couple before, during and after the event. Understand what type of wedding photography and video they enjoy best. Ideally, these kind of discussions are best conducted during a sit-down meeting. To best ensure a smooth flow and maintain professionalism, having prepared questions showing you have planned ahead. Should any unforeseen contingencies arise, then you understand the expectation and can respond accordingly.


Carry less gear

Many times professionals carry far too much obtrusive gear. The less you carry, the faster and more mobile you can be. Especially when the couple move around, it is important for you to track them by physically moving and using appropriate lenses or other technical equipment to keep them focused in shot. This is also an important point when you are just starting off shooting wedding photography and video.

Camera gear can be expensive. Depending on your budget it is unlikely that you will be able to equip yourself with all the lenses. Of course you are welcome to carry a few important items with you, perhaps having a tactical belt or lightweight messenger bag with lens pouches could be a ideal approach.

Regardless, we suggest leaving your heavy bag in the corner somewhere out or sight or having an organised workstation you can work with. This not only allows you to spread your wedding photography and video gear, but to also set up a charging station where mobile equipment can safely and securely charge to be used when needed without the dreaded low battery warnings.



When it comes to wedding photography and video, camera considerations are important for crispy video quality, but clear audio is also necessary. Too often, a single recording of the audio is made. During a photoshoot, multiple photos are taken to capture the best angle and pose. Wouldn’t it be smart to have multiple recording devices? Also as a kind of fail safe. Interference, the loud DJ, an obtrusive guest, or any number of other factors may contribute to poor audio that renders important dialogue inaudible. A possible suggestion during wedding photography and video shoots is to have a microphone on the officiant during the wedding ceremony.

Other specialty audio equipment can also be purchased to enhance the experience. Such items include speciality microphones such as a condenser rather than dynamic microphone, a boom arm, pop filter to reduce fast moving air and a fur cover to protect as a windshield from the gusty breeze.



This tip is sort of obvious, but to complete our list we’ve included it here. No one likes blurry wedding photography and video. Keep your gear stabilised at all times, whether that be through the use of a handheld rig, a tripod, or any number of other options. Don’t rely on dodgy software stabilisation to smooth out those jerky movements.