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When the winter months hit, it’s incredibly important that you do everything to protect your employees from the worst viruses going around. Whilst it’s almost inevitable that some sort of virus will sweep through the office, you can certainly minimise the damage of the common cold by protecting your staff with office immunisations. Moreover, workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide offices shouldn’t be just a method of health security, in fact they should be a necessary part of a wider health scheme that all large-scale businesses should have.

Let’s check out some of the benefits of workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide and some other useful tips you could implement to ensure the health and safety of your office.



Stronger herd immunity


One of the primary benefits of organising office immunisations for your staff members is it helps enhance herd immunity and, ultimately, minimises the level of contagion within the office. Think of it this way: the less people who are carriers of the virus, the less likely the disease will spread from person to person. Immunity is crucial and the only way to foster this is to invest in workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide.

Increased business productivity

Another reason why all business managers, directors and CEOs should be considering office immunisation schemes is the fact that such programs have been positively correlated with higher levels of business productivity. How is this the case? Well, office immunisations are proven to improve the health of your employees and reduce the rate of staff absenteeism. With more employees within your organisation effectively deployed, the more productive and efficient your business can be.

Better culture

Moving away from the direct benefits of workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide, it turns out that showing that you care about the health and physical well-being of your staff goes a long way in improving culture. Who would have thought? Your staff will tackle their tasks with greater enthusiasm and productivity, underpinning your company’s values for success, care and harmony.


vaccineOther tips and tricks

At the end of the day, workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide are just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining long-term health in your office space. Indeed, there are many ways you can effectively and easily promote healthy habits. Here are some examples:

Promote hand-washing

It might seem pointless to remind people to wash their hands, however, you’d be surprised how many people simply don’t do it. A great way to casually remind your employees is to have posters in the bathroom or have plenty of hand sanitizer stations throughout your office space.

Extra tissue boxes

Some people suffer from sinus problems or allergies, which clearly aren’t contagious. While workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide won’t help hay-fever sufferers, they will certainly appreciate additional tissue boxes throughout the office. This way, you are helping allergy sufferers and those who have the common cold.

Frequent office cleaning

Your office space should be cleaned on a weekly basis, as this will minimise the spread of germs or nasty bacteria. If you can’t afford to have a professional cleaning service perform a weekly clean, you can easily implement a company policy that ensures staff wipe their desks down at the end of every week. Maybe cut your office hours on Friday to 4:30, so you can give your staff time to clean their desks – and then give them an early mark.

At the end of the day, professional workplace flu vaccinations in Adelaide are incredibly important if you want your staff to be cared for. However, there are other ways you can endorse and promote health in your office, which should be concurrently implemented with formal office immunisations.