solar panels

The SMA sunny boy inverter is responsible for converting direct current electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current, which is compatible with power grids. They are at the centre of all solar power systems. These devices need to be installed by qualified electricians, so if you are not qualified, do not attempt to install. So, without any hesitation, here are several key things you need to remember when installing an SMA sunny boy inverter.



Safety is always the most important thing. The device can only be operated with PV generators, so do not connect the device to any sources of energy other than PV modules. It is crucial that you comply with local regulations with regards to the grounding of the modules and the PV generator.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the key symbols displayed in the installation manual. Indeed, your SMA sunny boy inverter can get quite hot during operation, so make sure you avoid direct contact while it is in operation.


Unpacking the contents

When unpacking the contents of the delivery, make sure that all the relevant equipment and hardware is present for the installation. Furthermore, make sure all the equipment is in adequate condition (e.g. up to date and not damaged). Your delivery should come with your SMA sunny boy inverter, a wall-mounting bracket, sealing plugs for DC plug connectors, DC plug connectors and relevant documentation such as an installation manual.


Selecting a mounting location

You should consider the follow key points when selecting a place to install your device:

Can it bear the weight?

The mounting location needs to be able to bear the weight of the device. Indeed, your SMA sunny boy inverter weighs approximately 25kg.

Is the surface strong enough?

The surface needs to be solid enough so that you can mount the device safely onto it without any issues.

Is the mounting location safe/clear?

Additionally, your mounting location always needs to be clear of any other items. You must be able to get safe access to the device should any emergencies arise. Your device cannot be put in a place that requires additional aids for access, like scaffolding equipment or ladders. Apart from that, mounting is relatively straightforward, which is why solar power installations are climbing.


Mounting instructions

Your SMA sunny boy inverter needs to be mounted vertically or tilted backwards by a maximum 15 degrees. The connection area must point downwards. The device should not be tilting forwards or sideways, nor can it be mounted horizontally. By mounting the device vertically and at eye level, key information on the device’s interface can be read at all times.

When fixing it permanently to the wall with the mounting bracket, make sure you drill enough holes, so the device will remain fixed. You need at least two horizontal holes to hold the weight of the device. The appropriate screws are 6mm in diameter and the washers have an outer diameter of 18mm (minimum).

Attach your SMA sunny boy inverter to the left of the wall bracket. By doing it this way, you can verify that the device is flush with the right edge of the wall mounting bracket. Then, push the device to the right of the wall mounting bracket, until it locks in place (via the locking bolt on the wall).


Connecting the SMA sunny boy inverter to the public grid

Firstly, check that the grid voltage is within the permissible voltage range. Then, disconnect the line circuit breaker and remove the electronic solar switch. Loosen the 6 captive screws on the device and then remove the lid.

Inside, you’ll need to check the correct country setting for the device (change if necessary). For a simple connection, loosen the display screws until the display raises and then flip up the display until it clicks into place.